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Lonestar Mobile Mechanic



Charges and Pricing

Fuel Charge $40.00 

This is a one time charge per work order, and may change at any time due to fluctuations in fuel cost.  The cost of fuel I put in your unit at the time of a fuel system cleaning is not included.

Diagnostic Fee $75.00

Five minutes or five hours the same diagnostic fee applies. This diagnostic fee includes a receipt with part numbers, pricing, and labor cost to a complete estimate.  An estimate is just an estimate and the final cost of the repair can go up or down if unknown repairs come up in the middle of a job.

The diagnostic fee will be waived if you decide that Lonestar Mobile Mechanic will complete the work.

You have the right to decline the estimate at any time until you sign the work order authorizing Lonestar Mobile Mechanic to order the parts for your unit. At this time you become liable for the cost of the estimate and parts.

Declined estimates are good for 30 days except the cost of parts could fluctuate with time.

Miscellaneous Shop Supplies $25.00

wd-40, yamalube, combustion chamber cleaner,carburetor cleaner, paper towels, electrical connectors, special tools, grease, etc. are costly and passed on to each customer 

Shop Labor Rate is $75.00 an hour. Non negotiable 

Hot check fees/insufficient funds

Cost of bill plus $100.00 will be due in full at completion of the job in case of hot check or insufficient funds.   Proceedings in court will be costly all court cost to be paid by customer too could end up in surrender of the unit.

                        ALL JOBS ARE BID ON FLATE RATE TIMES.  


Parts are warranted for 30 days for manufacturing defects assuming that no customer neglect or abuse has occurred.

Labor has a 30 day warranty starting at the time of the completion of the job.

Carburetor and fuel system cleaning has a 14 day guarantee, providing that the customer has not introduced any contaminated fuel, fuel treatment products or exposed the unit to the weather elements, at which point, the customer is responsible for any and all charges related to the repair on a returning visit.

Lonestar Mobile Mechanic is an equal opportunity employer and provide an equal rights service to all.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

I do not work on automobiles, heavy equipment, tractors, golf carts.